my bad bad sad situation!

i have eight days until i find out whether our iva has been excepted. Im worried and rapidly losing weight. My husband owned his own business for 10 years and as many others in the uk at the moment we has to finish the business so we didn’t lose any more money. i suffer from bipolar and before i was diaognosed i got very high and spent an unbelivble amout of money on rubbish. i was given loan after loan by banks who new i was ill and on incapacity benefit and couldnt pay it back. this isnt an excuse for my predicament, but it is an explanation. both my children have autism and i have to hand over there dla to the iva debters, if approved. i think 32k of my 44K debt is with hsbc. is this good? it all lies in their hands. im sick every day and the only reason im alive is because of my children, i dont no how long this will last but god am i fighting! i was always taught to pay debts back but i need help to help myself. i worry they’ll try to make me bankrupt. i cant lose my home (which has no equity anyway!) i cant allow my sons to lose there bedrooms and friends, im racked with guilt, i have to just keep fighting and hope my streghth holds out.

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  1. scaredtohell says:

    well one week to go and the migraines have started. They started in my face and i was blind in one eye, why is it you put your head up high wash your hair and slap on the lippy but the stress still gets you?. Ive applied to do my masters degree in occupational therapy and because fees are going up a two year course will cost me £40k BUT! half of this will have to be given to my creditors. Soooooooooooo I have to get a loan to pay off a loan and wont be able to properly support myself throughout my degree. Its disheartening because im trying to improve my life for myself and my family, but whats the point? there is no point! today’s a bad day, im going to try and apply to do some volunteering work tomorrow, maybe tomorrow will be better.

  2. whichway says:

    sorry can only sympathise, my business went to the wall, and its not, funny, banks are fair weather friends, will never trust them again. I hope it will get better for ypu, warmest thoughts to you- peter

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