Can we develop?

Ive tried to imagine the next five/6 years. If i go on to do a masters degree the iva will take my grant and my student loan. If i take the teaching job ive been offered i will be £700 worse off a month. If my husband works we will earn a £1000 less. So where is my incentive to develop, be a good role model and work for my children, to get healthier within the next 5/6 years. Not working takes away your sprit, i do voulenteer but its not enough.

On the plus side i was walking the dog with my son the other day in the son yesterday and i realised that this is definitely where I want to raise my children, my home is safe now, i no im in debt but dare i say its only money? my children are been raised in an unbelievably priveledged area, we don’t have much but my budgeting is getting good and where having two holidays (in England) so life goes on. Debts wont stop us living, ever!. Today, im getting there. I feel my mental illness is stabilising.

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  1. Regena says:

    I honestly knew about many of this, but however, I still considered it had been useful. Great job!

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