My mood has stabilised a hell of a lot since we got our decision and with the sun out the world seems a better and safer place to be in. I see my psychiatrist tomorrow, he wants my mood stabilisers to increase but i think its pointless when things are going so well and there’s no point in taking such a highly toxic drug if its not vital. Im trying really hard to stay organised, but having 3 out of 4 of us having constant drs appointments, new bank accounts, direct debits, managing money and keeping up with normality im just waiting for my illness to come around and wack me in the face again! defetist i no but yet such a gursome reality. I just have to make sure all finances are in order incase that happens.

I’ve planned a barbecue for next week, gardening and cooking are my passion so that should be fun and hopefully not too stressful. Some days are so dark and some are so full of strength but i suppose that’s just bipolar. :)

Sorry for the moan.

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