I was thinking today, if you live in an environment where everyone has everything, you feel the need to achieve the same as your peers. But, if you live in an under privileged area with a crappy car and beef silver-side on the table instead of fillet your not going to feel so pressured to keep up with the Joneses. Or Dingles!. I was raised on a council estate and in the Thatcher years that had no time for family’s, so we had nothing. I think this may have been part of my problem. Its good to have ambition and to want more for yourself when society isn’t offering you anything, and i got it it, at the age of eighteen with a mortgage and credit cards and i was in my element. I’ve always wanted more, but i was just trying to keep up with everyone else and living beyond my means. This was fine when my husband was earning £8k a month but a reality check when im in a middle class house with poorpers money. This iva has really given me a kick up the arse, but also knocked my confidence. I have however started to appreciate the smaller things alot more, i looked in my birdbox today and noticed seven eggs. :)

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  1. Shanita says:

    Nice ideas! I have been browsing for something like this for a time now. Many thanks!

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