Those little things

I would normally take the children to a theme park on a hot day like this but we decided to take the kids on a picnic today to a park and bird sanctuary. I only spent £15 and the kids had such a nice time, im trying really hard to not let my mistakes affect my childrens life. I dont want them to miss out on anything but i do think i will be more inclined to make clear the importance of how much we should appriciate every penny we have and to not spend for spending sake.

I got a job this week, i start soon but its not paid. Its a shame i cant do a full time job, but i feel if i through myself in the deep end ill come crashing down and get ill again. Ill be teaching a level english and psychology to children with special needs, i think mentally this will be great for me.

This post isnt really about having an iva but the fact is, all things we do generally revolve around money. Shame!

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  1. kazzafunk says:

    Let’s hope we get a good summer and you can go for loads of picnics in the park. My niece and nephew love doing that and when they come to stay this summer it will be trips to the beach each day instead of the ‘paying’ things that we normally do each day.
    I’m sure as long as the kids are with you and are happy that’s all they’ll want.
    I think children adapt better than adults.

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