cant afford to work!

ive found out that if i take the job (paid) i have been offered for 27k after the loss of benefits and my morgage been paid by my insurance and having to pay £466 to my iva rather than £221 i will actually be £1800 a month worse off! lmfao! what the hell is the world coming too when a woman with good qualifications and a great eargerness to work cant afford to work? i dont want to be on benefits all my life its soul destroying and i want my sons to no that mum and dad go to work and thats how it should be.

so i cant possibly go to work for five years. im hoping im going to get on the degree i have applied for, although the student loan and grant will go straight to the iva. great, i get a loan to pay a loan, more like the money will go into another account! there is no way i will allow anyone or any organisation affect or stunt my familys growth.

its time to get real!

sorry for the rant x

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